Believe. Sacrifice. Achieve.

Our motto helps explain the path to athletic success in three steps:

Players Must First Believe They Can.

To Improve Their Skills, Players Must Make Sacrifices.

By Following The First Two Steps, Players Will Achieve Their Goals.

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Annually, The Believe Sports Foundation Will:

Award A Scholarship To A Graduating Senior
Host A Free Basketball Training Camp
Coordinate With Other Community Leaders To Provide Mentorship Focusing On Life Values
Host a food drive or other event to benefit community members in need


For youth to perform at their best in the classroom and on the court, and have the confidence to achieve their dreams.


To provide elite basketball training camps and mentorship for youth of all economic backgrounds.

Action- Our foundation believes in taking action. The purpose of this organization is to pay it forward to the communities that once supported Jason Williams in his youth. Believe Sports Foundation will serve the community through free youth basketball training camps, community events, scholarships, and mentoring programs.
Compassion- Believe Sports Foundation prides itself on providing access for youth of all economic backgrounds. Together we are stronger.
Excellence- Through our mentorship and scholarship programs, Believe Sports Foundation teaches foundational skills to our youth, which include education, integrity, and accountability. The youth are our future and Believe Sports Foundation assists in creating our leaders of tomorrow.